Geogebra: Create Interactive Math Applets FREE

Years ago I started playing with Geogebra to create dynamic worksheets for my students to use during assignments.  Geogebra is FREE interactive mathematics software that is available 24/7 as a free download or web based applet. For those of us whose districts have not purchased Geometer’s Sketchpad, Geogebra is a viable option if not better.

I love Geogebra because I can create dynamic worksheets of pretty much anything and upload for my students to use. With that said, Dear Geogebra…please give me one button that says embed because searching for how to embed was a pain and I pretty much gave up and decided to LiveBinder my sketches…which actually works out better.

When looking at these sketches, please keep in mind that they were created years ago and well, it’s time to create some new and improved ones =)


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