Getting My Creative Mojo Back

rugI love schools. I thrive on the climate created by kids interacting. It is such a source of pure joy and happiness. For the first few weeks of school, my job has been learning to handle the “back end” of edtech. I’ve been creating and managing accounts, resetting passwords, meeting with specialist, planning and designing courses which have been extremely difficult. In my mind, and rightfully so, I can’t just design a course for technology training without knowing what our teachers and students need. Even as my new edtech life has been a dream move, working from a PD center in lieu of a campus is creatively stifling.  I’ve struggled with the nuances of even writing course descriptions as my mind has been completely cluttered…until today.

Today, I was able to visit an actual campus…a pre-k campus. The moment that I walked into the door, I felt a jolt of electricity that can only be described as creative mojo. I could think and breathe through what student creativity looks like….what assessment is outside of clicker systems, how what students make is a better indicator of where they are versus what they select from a list of choices.

I felt like the gates of the 4C’s opened again and I can think better about how to get kids collaborating, creating, communicating and thinking critically. I work with my nephew daily and that is really viewing from a single lens. Being around classes of other children reminds me of the possibilities of what they can and will achieve if given the opportunities to do so.

Their smiles just feed my spirit and make me happy…like I can breathe.

You can’t get that feeling from an office.

So, from here on out….bring on the campuses!


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