Give a Kid Clay and He’ll Make a Scarecrow

Today I received the sweetest and most exciting facetime call EVER! Braeden, who is becoming quite the “Google” guru, found three scarecrow images that sparked his interest. He liked different elements of each one and wanted to make sure that his scarecrow reflected these traits as well. To illustrate, he put his images into his screenchomp app and circled the parts that he liked.



He then grabbed his clay and toothpicks to mold. (He learned this technique through trial and error. He refined it on youtube)


He really is happy!

He really is happy!

After molding the head, he decided on a body. The interesting part is that he couldn’t get the scarecrow to stand up entirely so he researched how to do it. He decided to place the scarecrow in the deep freezer to harden it a bit. (I have no idea how reliable this is)

Below is his final creation!


I wish that I could’ve recorded our facetime talk to share! Braeden wanted to make a scarecrow and he did with his hands. Technology held the information and planning tools. The rest happened as a result of imagination, creativity and desire!

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