Going Collaborative with Canva + Thinglink = Pure Awesome Sauce!

I absolutely love free easy tools that make my life a bit simpler. Canva and Thinglink both fit that mold for me.


A Page of My DEN Fall VIrtcon presentation created using Canva

A Page of My DEN Fall VIrtcon presentation created using Canva

Canva is a free web based design tool that allows users to create graphics of anything at any size. It’s still in beta so users will need an invite in order to create. I use canva to create almost all of my professional presentations because of its library of images and graphics that truly help to clearly get the message across. Users can purchase premium images from within canva for $1 each but I have yet to use that feature. All of my images have been created free. What makes Canva even more amazing is that by sharing with the “ability to edit”, users can collaborate with others to achieve agreeable results.

Unlike other tools, Canva simplifies the design process by providing templates for everything from concept to image placement. If I want a particular image in my project, I literally upload it and drag it into its placement container where it is resized for optimal fit. Color matching is even simpler because users can select any color with a hex code to achieve the desired look.

Now, add the linking ability of thinglink and create interactive posters, handouts, instructional guides and even app recommendations that lead learners to even more!

Still waiting on a Canva invite, click HERE to gain instant access and experience its greatness.

You’re welcome! Just leave a comment of thanks once you come back up from air!

See a few of the canva+thinglink images that I’ve created below!




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