Guest Post – The Classroom is Your Brand, Treat it as Such: 3 Ways to Build A Better Brand/Learning Experience

Know Your Audience: Research is the key to knowing and even understanding your audience. Have an interest in your students not only engaging in what you are teaching, but once they can see that you are interested in them, you’ve just built the best means to communicate your message.

Find the Connection: Once you have an understanding of your audience and have built the bridge to communicating, every experience that involves them learning should focus in making that bridge stronger. The student learning experience starts before they come into the classroom and doesn’t end.

Make it memorable: Branding is about giving. Making everything center around your intent to give your audience/students the best experience that relates to your core objective. If it’s teaching about math speak about math in such a way that they NEVER forget that experience.

Much like the advertising industry has realized, consumers are inundated with information from the time they wake up, until the time they go to sleep. Your students are the exact same, they consume. They are presented with information and have come to your classrooms with information overload. Many time it includes what I like to call “UN-formation” or bad information. So it’s important to recognize that and do as much as possible to enhance the overall brand/learning experience to impact the desired results.

Derrick Walker – Dallas,Tx Brand Strategist @iamdwalk

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