Headed in A New Direction Again

My nephew Braeden caught in a Minecraft moment

My nephew Braeden caught in a Minecraft moment

Before becoming a certified math teacher, I served the students of an elementary school teaching small group math remediation. Looks like I’m headed back to my roots!

At the beginning of the summer, I accepted a job as an instructional media specialist for two middle schools. I was excited because our school is doing this insane technology roll-out where teachers will choose between a Macbook Air and a Dell XPS. Each teacher also gets an ipad. Yes, I would need to learn how to run a library, but I would do it.

Within the last week, this has changed. I’ll now be heading to our brand new K-5 STEM academy as their instructional media specialist. In addition to teacher tech roll-out, we’ll also be rolling out ipads for k-3 and laptops for grades 4-5. Our campus will be PBL running a stem curriculum. My brain has been on massive over-drive!

Just to be clear, let me iron out my job for you…(official and unofficial). Our district does NOT have instructional technologist, technology integrators or any derivative of it. We have instructional media specialist. My job is officially library specific but that also includes tech integration and device management, whether it is in the official documentation or not…it is my job. Anyone that thinks otherwise is clueless!!

Here are my plans for next year…

  • Run a library
  • Support campus reading initiatives
  • Support teachers with their new technology
  • Help teachers with tech integration (Curriculum First…NOT technology)
  • Support student digital literacy
  • Start a “tech ninja” club for students (gearing up for #ninjacamp14)
  • Manage devices
  • Support teachers with our Discovery Ed initiatives
  • Have ongoing tech staff development (the fun stuff)
  • Start a campus library/tech website (Mac notes, PC tricks & Ipad ideas)
  • Get teachers connected
  • Support our campus blogging
  • Blog this entire process

Yes friends, this is my life as I know it right now! I haven’t looked at life from the lens of K-5 in years. However, I have an incredibly giving and talented PLN. With you at my fingertips, I believe that this year will work. I am not delusional. It won’t be perfect which is why I will blog the process because with this risk, there are bound to be failures and the beauty in all of this is learning.

Thank you in advance for your support, knowledge and encouragement along the way. I will be calling you all.

Buzz word bingo anyone? (Adam Bellow is a rock star)

I am excited!





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