Helping Teachers Make Global Connections

Yesterday, I taught what I think was my new favorite session. It’s wasn’t a “connect to twitter” or a “build your pln” session but there were small nuggets of those. It wasn’t a “Google apps” or a “coding” session but there were small nuggets of those as well. My session was all about learning through global connections/projects. What made this session great was not my joy in sharing some of the most amazing projects created by my connected community but that the teachers in attendance were super stoked about it and many were heard saying things like…

  • Where has this session been all my career?
  • You mean we can do this in our classrooms?
  • Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to do this when I get back to school!
  • Wait, you’ll come to our classrooms to help? (YES!!)
  • We can totally get the librarian on board to connect our classes in these Classroom Hangouts!
  • We have to do this because if we don’t our kids are missing out!

A Few Tidbits

  • I created a TACKK that our teachers can continue to access and share on their campus. I ALWAYS do this.
  • I polled the room and found that a majority in attendance taught elem-middle school ELA so I started with the Global Read Aloud and that excited the entire room!
  • TACKK is awesome when it works but when information gets jumbled somehow during the saving process…it can be annoying. However, fixing the resource LIVE during the training was educational. It happens.
  • Embedded full searches from twitter was a subtle “nugget” that invited teachers to see what was happening without creating an account. I will do this every time.
  • is AWESOME and the upcoming hangouts with Lemony Snicket and Lois Lowry also excited our teachers. Their librarians should be getting calls this morning about this one.
  • Quite a few teachers took notes via Google docs and shared with their team immediately. That was just as encouraging as the teachers who preferred to do it on paper. It’s their choice after all.
  • When I talked about projectsbyjen, I shared how I knew her through my Discovery Ed community. 5 of them immediately signed up for my next Discovery Ed training. We’ll connect again!
  • Speaking of Projects By Jen…They called this, LIFE-Changing
  • I’m teaching another “twitter for learning” session on a campus next week and many of these teachers signed up to attend
  • If you want coding in the classroom, get teachers in a room and let them code. This year, we’ll have classes coding during hour of code.

Perhaps the greatest win in this session wasn’t about exposing teachers to these global resources for the first time but about giving them a reason to connect and a path to get there in a way that suited them.

The “why” matters and growth doesn’t happen without it.


Click the TACKK below to visit each resource!


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