How to Be Awesome like Beyonce

My daughter, who reminds me everyday to find my inner Beyonce

My daughter, who reminds me everyday to find my inner Beyonce

I woke up this morning with two deep thoughts. One was Amber Teamann‘s quote…(@8amber8)

“Blowing out someone’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.”

The other was a quote from my mother, who does NOT have a web presence


“Some people’s lights are meant to shine brighter. Imagine a world full of Beyonces.”

Let’s take a moment and think about that…a world full of Beyonces. What does Beyonce have, other than more money than can be printed, goddess-like looks and the voice of an angel?


Yes, I screamed that from the rafters…hence the bold print and all caps.

We just left a massive technology conference (ISTE) where people were clamoring to have pictures made with “edu-stars from twitter”, which would have been okay had they not also at times diminished their own contributions while building up others. It broke my heart to hear, “I wish that I could____ like _____”.

Dear Edu-World…We are all amazing. We have strengths in areas that are vastly different. Some of us are amazing at building relationships. Others are tech-wizards. We have Curriculum Super-Stars. Quite a few are amazingly brilliant leaders. The bottom line is that there should NOT be any lights brighter than others. We all have the capacity to shine and areas to shine within. What is your strength?

What makes one light brighter than the other? It’s the Beyonce-syndrome, confidence and sense of self. When I was in high school, I was an officer on our school dance team. My mother used to to yell at me from the stands, “Smile Baby! Act like you own the place!” So I did. One would assume that with a mother like that, I’d grow up to be highly confident. I did not. It was only this year that I really found my inner strength. As successful as my career has been, I didn’t see it. I was too busy comparing my accomplishments, which were there to others that I thought were better. As crazy as that sounds, that was me! The moment that I took my mom’s advice and realized who I was and what I have to offer was the moment that my life changed. Yes, I credit Scott Floyd Β for helping me to see that but the reality is that it was all me…Acceptance of WHO I AM and WHAT I BRING TO THE TABLE!

Even Chrome tells me that I'm awesome and amazing daily!

Even Chrome tells me that I’m awesome and amazing daily

What I hope that you get from this posting is that instead of diminishing someone else’s light, including your own, find what makes you stand out! Be Awesome, in the words of Kid President because you ARE! You were made to be Awesome!

Steps to be Awesome! (Things that YOU can do instead of putting down those that ARE)




  • Submit a proposal to present at the next conference
  • Start a blog & share!
  • Join conversations on twitter.
  • Build relationships with those that you encounter
  • Tell yourself everyday how awesome you are!
  • Give props to someone else…give props to someone that you originally put down
  • Watch ALL posted Kid President videos like the one below!


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  1. Ok it starts today!! I am going to find my strength and shine bright! Thank you for all of your inspiring post!!! No you don’t have to pay me πŸ™‚

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      He is fantastic! LOVE me some Kid President! Thank you so much for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

  2. i love this so much. it really spoke to me.. i am that person that says “I wish i could ____ be more like ____” thanks so much for inspiration! have learned so much from you.
    i have made a card to carry with me to remind me to find my strength and to shine bright!

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      I just adore you to pieces! Thank you for sharing this with me. I love that you carry a card. We’re going to work on that card becoming a permanent part of you!

  3. I was just talking to my dad about some of the accomplishments I have had this year. I was saying it was all due to twitter, that I didn’t think any of this would be happening for me without it and he said, “It was because of you, not twitter. Twitter is just the enabler, you are the source.” Thank you for making me go back and look at this conversation with my dad in a different light, it means so much more to me now.

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      Your dad is wise! He’s right…twitter is the conduit…YOU ARE THE REASON! My heart is literally smiling right now! Thank you for sharing!

  4. OK, I’m crying! You’ve struck a chord with me! No, I never feel worthy! In the moment I’m on a high, but prior, I’m constantly evaluating myself and questioning if what I’m doing is good enough, especially in comparison to others that is! Thank you for this!

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      Ashlee, you create your own light. You do it. We love twitter and the connections that we make but at the end of the day the mark that you leave on this world comes from YOU not the people that you are connected to. They empower and inspire you but YOU are the only one that can embody that within YOU. Make them YOUR minions. πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you! I love your mother’s quote. We all need to be awesome:). I loved the pep talk, and really like the steps to be awesome. Thanks for your inspiration.

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    Thank you so much for sharing! My mother says a lot of things but this one struck a nerve because she was dead serious. You have to know that my mother is the BIGGEST Beyonce fan on earth…in life!!! If she even knew that I wrote this posting and quoted her, she might not be happy but then again, she can’t find my blog anyway. (kind of dying of laughter as I post)

    I wrote this for myself as well. I was having a bad day yesterday…an “I’m not awesome enough day” and remembering this brought me back. It always does. I am honored to have brought a bit of sunshine to you too.

    Thank You!

  7. Wonderful post, Rafranz!

    Strangely, just yesterday I was mulling over a vaguely similar blog post in my mind. The problem is, I rarely blog. Why not? Of course, like many, I can blame a lack of time. But really, if I am to be deeply honest, it’s because I don’t feel “awesome” enough. It’s a bit like when I first joined Twitter back in 2007. I didn’t get it. Then, I finally realized (2 years later) that unless I tweeted something, anything, no one would even know I was there. Like blogging, this little voice inside kept telling me I had nothing to say that would be of interest to others, at least not on a daily basis like I saw others doing.

    Your post has given me a much-needed poke. If I don’t write a blog post daily, so what? That doesn’t mean I’m not spending my day shining in another area, I suppose. If I even write one sometimes, it’s better than not sharing my voice at all. I’m going to stop feeling embarrassed by my scant posts (especially since that embarrassment makes me less likely to write).

    For all it’s worth, what I was going to blog about (and still might, thanks to you) is the feeling of inadequacy that comes from assuming that “everyone” in our entire Twitter PLN does “all” of the amazing things we read about. Whenever I remind myself of the more accurate reality that some of those people do some of those things, I am able to feel the flicker of my own light shining … because even I do “some” of those things.

    Thanks again for your heartfelt post that speaks to the hearts of many.

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    I had to take a step back and let all of your words process. It was that same feeling that kept me from sharing. I used to go to conferences and see people present and think, “I could’ve done that”. I also used to read what others wrote and think, “I had that experience too. I could’ve written that”. Our voices are nonexistent unless we use them.

    I will tell you that I too thought that others were doing what I was not. I’ve had many conversations and they have the same struggles that we all have. The difference is that we do not talk about it…no they do not talk about it. This is something that we all need to do differently. It’s not about communicating the fabulous, it has to be about the process…What is good and bad.

    It’s going to take voices like ours…the ones that ramble and overthink…to communicate in a way that tells the fact of the matter without diminishing what we do. I appreciate what you’ve posted so much and I cannot wait until I am reading your words.

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      You’re welcome. You have your own light…Shine with that…whatever it is πŸ™‚

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      Oh I do hope that you do! ISTE is like Disney Land. There’s a lot to learn and a great deal to do! I plan to be right there in the middle of it!

  9. Love your post! Thank you for sharing your writing with us all, very inspirational.

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  10. As someone who struggles frequently with feelings of inadequacy, I often feel like my light doesn’t shine bright enough. I have shied away from blogging, from joining in on Twitter conversations, and from connecting face-to-face with people because I felt like I didn’t have anything to contribute or that what I did have to contribute would be seen as too simplistic or irrelevant.

    It seems sometimes that the more immersed I become in being a connected educator the more I see how many amazing educators out there are doing amazing things. The sheer brilliance and passion of people I interact with daily intimidates me.

    We are our worst critics, but your post reminds us that we have to be our biggest supporters and fans as well. As always, your insight and honesty continues to empower, inspire, and change me.

    “I am Carrie Ross, and I was made to be awesome.”

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      Yeah, I’m kind of in tears…

      Especially after spending time with you at ISTE, I know how much our stories collied. Love you to pieces and YES YOU WERE MADE TO BE AWESOME!

  11. And I need a lesson on how to be awesome as my little sister! And learn to blog and use other social media besides Facebook! And for the record though you didn’t see it in yourself, I always knew you had it in you! I love you to pieces and can’t wait to see what God has in store for you AND me!!!

    Yquem Carroll
    Monet’s Baskets & Beyond, Owner

    1. Post

      I LOVE you Yquem! We’ll get you blogging tomorrow! You ARE awesome and one of the reasons that I push to be better. I’ve seen you struggle to follow your dreams and it’s happening. With success, there is struggle and that struggle is what makes us stronger. Can’t wait for the world to share in your journey!

  12. During ISTE, I stayed with my sister. As much as I was looking forward to the conference, I dreaded it. My sister is 14 years older and a corporate librarian. She never misses a chance to belittle my leaving my job as and EPA contract librarian to move to being a school librarian. Conflict! Guess what?!? I’m finally to the point that her ammo has run out. I’m accepting the fact that I’m doing what I was meant to do. We actually had a nice visit. Being a part of something bigger….something awesome….all the difference. I love my PLN.

    1. Post

      Deanna, your story is fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing. When you are living within the vision for yourself, anything is possible!! πŸ™‚

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