How To Be More Creative

If you want to be more creative, you have to toss out the instructions and just go! – Braeden

Today in the car, Braeden expressed his plan to create an animatronic puppet. Like any adult would, I suggested that he search for a kit that we could put together.

Replying in the only way that he understands, he said…

“Auntie, we’re not buying a kit. Did you know that even kits are made according to another person’s vision? Even if you don’t follow their directions, you only get the parts that they felt you needed. If you make it all yourself, you can try things so that you get what you want.”

I asked him how on earth we would know what to do because I’ve never made a robot from scratch. His response…

“Auntie, I guess we’ll just keep trying until we figure it out.”

In case you missed it, THIS is what happens when the world is your classroom.

Earlier today, I was going through my FB and came across a post by a classmate about her son. She was talking about having a hard time with seeing him break through his legos…putting stickers in random places and simply ignoring the directions. My comment to her was…

He’s cool, innovative and creative! Don’t change it. Embrace it. The world needs more of him”

If I’ve learned nothing else from Braeden, it’s that our desires to place creative constraints are really a result of the stifling of our own creativity. At some point, we were ALL “tinkerers” and then someone came along and forced us to follow directions because that’s the only way…right?

Wrong! Kids have a natural curiosity with the world and if we really want to foster creativity, let’s stop defining the “how” for them and let them maneuver in the way that they were created to do.


This afternoon, Braeden decided that he wanted to be the puppeteer and filmmaker simultaneously. His solution was to tape my iphone to a hat and go. I’ve captured each moment in the Haiku Deck Below.

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There’s also this…

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