How to Turn a Mountain Into a Molehill


My car, me and my niece making our best “pouty” faces

Today was probably the most interesting day that I’ve had in a while. It started with the trek to take my daughter to have her hair done. As always, I thought that I would fill the gas tank and be on my way. That was NOT to be the case. Instead, I filled the gas tank and then my car refused to start again. (Mountain)

I drive a Honda, which is pretty reliable but today was clearly “tick off my mother day” because my dead car meant that I got to drive her car! I love those days! (Molehill)

Upon returning, I thought that my car would be fixed as I left my dad the keys. Note to self…When you leave said keys with someone make sure that they know an engine from an ignition…Clearly he does not. (Mountain)

brother in law and "edtechdad"

brother in law and “edtechdad”

A few hours later, my brother in law showed up. He’s our family’s “Mr. Fix it!” Surely he can fix ANYTHING! Tonight was NOT the night for my car. It is not fixed but will sit until tomorrow when I can replace the battery and starter. Again, It’s clearly “tick off my mother again day” as I will drive HER CAR to my new job tomorrow and keep it ALL day. (Molehill)

What I Learned From This…

There will be moments during the school year that may seem insurmountable. It could be the standard district inservice that sparked a post connecting teachers all over. It could be that you are finding yourself in the middle of curbing your own beliefs to satisfy a school that isn’t there yet. You may even be tasked with learning tools that you are uncomfortable with but will be expected to use. There will be mountains and plenty of them

You must remember that you can’t fix what you can’t control. There is no sense in stressing over it either. You’ve got to find the silver lining and work within that. For me, it was the solace in knowing that I’ll be driving my mother’s car. Thankfully this was an option. Even if this were not an option, I was still able to spend quality time with my family on the night before I start my first day of my new job…limited social media…no arguments…just pure collaboration towards a common goal…getting my car on the road…which we still haven’t done! (molehill)



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      Thank you Heather!! I’ll have a lot of fun imagining all of the nice words that my mother is thinking 🙂

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