How We Remixed My Son’s PPT Homework with Google Tour Builder

iphoneIt’s the last of school and my son’s geography teacher kindly sent me a text that his “research” assignment wasn’t completed. His job was to imagine that he had $10,000 that he could spend anywhere in the world, plan a trip and create a ppt with a minimum of 15 slides. He had two weeks to get this done in class and didn’t finish it.

As much as I despise when my son does this, moments like today opened the door to multiple learning moments.

1. I get to spend some necessary quality homework time with my teen son
2. I get to help him spread his technology/research wings.
3. My son gets to model an idea for his teacher which only works because he is open to it

Why Google Tour Builder?

To be clear, this assignment was totally a “time killer”…something for his teacher to do to pass the time. As annoying as that is, it was still a chance to redefine learning for a teacher who desperately needed it. Google tour builder is a google tool that mixes google earth, images, video and text to create a more interactive experience. For sharing global geographic locations it’s perfect!

What I love about Google Tour Builder is that images and video can be added directly through the application, much like other google tools. In addition, the “mapping” of places on google earth give students a visual sense of the world that help them to see how their chosen places are connected.

The final product is a more interactive “slideshow” experience that is much more engaging and geographically relevant.

View my son’s tour here: Khalil’s Tour of Spain


One big negative: No Embedding

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