How We Used TACKK To Share Braeden’s Puppet Story

It may have been two weeks ago when Michelle Baldwin‘s class tweeted that they were inspired by Braeden and making puppets. We’ve shared every bit of his process in doing this across twitter, instagram and facebook. One thing that I did not consider was putting the entire story together in one place to make it accessible to anyone that wanted to read it. So, when I saw the tweet from Michelle’s class, it was a no-brainer that this one last component needed to happen so I created the TACKK below.

TACKK is a simple FREE tool for creating digital posters. For our students, it’s one of the goto tools since kids can create their accounts using their non-email google logins. In addition, users can customize every aspect of their poster in so many ways…from choosing a custom url to adding a background image. Every piece can be customized to the user’s disposal.

I loved that I could easily import images from instagram as well as instagram video. I had so many images that I had to choose as there is a limit of I believe 20 imports from that service. After I reached my limit, I was able to save and upload with no problem.

My favorite parts about TACKK are the sharing features. Check out the video below as I take you inside our TACKK to learn about sharing!

Sharing TACKK

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