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I should start by saying that writing is not my “thing”. It is why I have continuously put off my doctoral program and also why I have struggled with blogging in the past. I thought that I needed something “profound” or “innovative” to say. I am so happy that I now understand that I did not, as blogging has helped me to understand who I am in a much deeper way.

I’ve had many conversations in the last few weeks about blogging, even face to face with the “champion of school blogging” himself, George Couros. With one question, my stance on blogging changed. He has been known to ask…

“What can you teach me and where is it posted?”

In thinking about this question, I realize that I was not really giving myself into my postings. I posted “tech stuff” or things that I thought people wanted to read. It wasn’t me, which is why blogging was tough, so I had a moment of rethinking and changed the way that I blog.

  I don’t pretend to be an expert. As a matter of fact, even in my new role as an IMS, my blogs are not related to that…yet. When I am questioned about the “how and why” of blogging, the best advice that I can give anyone is to write about what moves you. Write about what you are passionate about. Write about what keeps you awake at night and into the early mornings. Just write.

For me, my deep thoughts are about teaching, learning, students and their impact on my journey into today. There will be elements of technology but my first passion are the personal connections that I have with those that I have taught. That is what I know and that is what I share best.

The more that you blog, the better you will become. Eventually, blogging will help you to find your voice and then you’ll write and write and write. It will become your new normal.

If I am ever asked, what can I teach and where is it posted, I will gladly share the link to my thoughts here at rndesigns.com.



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  1. Great advice! I don’t blog because I am not a writer and not sure what I would say. I am going to give it a try and see what happens.

    1. Post

      You can do it! Think of it as educational therapy! Remember, write about what moves you and you really can’t go wrong. Like I just said to someone else, do it for yourself and that is what may help someone else 🙂

      Can’t wait to read your postings!

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