I Did Not Attach A Name But If the Shoe Fits, Reflect On It

Yesterday, I was told that I share too much. As a parent, I often share many of my personal children’s struggles and triumphs on Facebook and here on my blog. Often, the teachers in my local community, where I do not work, will send me private messages about them. Sometimes they are messages thanking me for speaking up. Other times, like last night, they are messages telling me that I should not post so much on social media.

“You should be having a meeting at school with the teacher, You should not be posting this online for everyone to see.”

Last night, It was also pointed out to me that I tend to make teachers feel inadequate. It was said that they do not have the technology skills that I had and that although they are good teachers, feel picked on when I post. She did, however, say that she did not believe that making her feel bad was my intention but that is how it comes across.

Here was my reply…

“I don’t mean to make you feel inadequate but connecting to other educators, going to conferences and experiencing other classrooms has changed me and my expectations. That’s what growth does. It’s not a bad thing to change…It’s incredibly rewarding”

With that said, I do share quite a bit. For me, sharing only the great things that happen in education is not an option. I share struggles and triumphs because education is full of both. As for the educators who may read my posts regarding the struggles of my children, if your feelings are continuously hurt, that is a clue that maybe it is time to take a hard look at your classroom decisions.

As an educator, I take pride in being able to use my experiences to help other educators. As a parent, I feel no different. If my struggles can help some other parent stand up and advocate for their children, then I have served them well and will continue to do so. This has proved to be important for so many parents in my local community. Often times they do not feel that they have a voice and that someone understands. Every time I get a private message or phone call asking for my advice, I know that I am doing something right in making them feel comfortable enough to do so. Parents need that.

When I post any situation, it is with great thought. If there is any way that it can be alleviated through conversation, I give it an opportunity to do so before posting. However, like last night, in the situation of my son being inappropriately thrown from a class, emotions tend to get the best of me. Postings like that are more rooted in frustration, I’m sure. I may be an educator but when it comes to matters of my children, I am no different than any other parent. Sometimes, my community of parents is just as comforting as my community of educators. We tend to forget that real people exist within our networks. I am very mindful of that.

As for the subject matter of my postings….please DO reflect if you do these things…

  • Hand kids worksheets while you sit in a corner and watch
  • Continuously give packets of work that are never in fact graded
  • Give packets…period
  • Make students feel inadequate
  • Struggle with building relationships with your kids
  • Gossip about kids in the teacher’s lounge
  • Inadequately prepare kids for life beyond your classroom
  • Go to school daily just for the check at the end
  • Refuse to make real world connections
  • Struggle in your content area and refuse PD
  • Refuse to integrate relevant technology
  • Have no idea what type of technology is in fact relevant
  • Feel upset regarding any item on this list

I could go on and on forever, but I won’t. I’ll just leave this post as I began it.

I did not attach any names, but if the shoe fits…Reflect on it!

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  1. This often happens … some people tend to deflect everything from themselves by attacking others. It’s often an act of desperation on their part because, as I see it, they have reflected and do really see that they are wrong, or are doing not-so-good instructional practices, etc. What they are doing is an attempt to take the focus off of themselves and putting it on you.

    Keep doing what you do .. it will help others, even if it is only one at a time.

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      Thank you so much for this! When I write, I’m writing without a single person in mind but a big picture. It’s amazing how we tend to visualize ourselves in situations. The trick os moving from visualization to owning that an action must be made. I’ll definitely continue the dialogue. Situations such as this speak loudly to their importance!

  2. You are saying things that people would like to say – but they’re afraid to rock the boat. You have hit the target straight on and here’s why some people may not appreciate.
    1- They feel guilty because this is what they are doing and some parents may start to say, “Why is my child doing these packets of handouts everyday?”
    2- They are the teachers that know that this may go viral and that means they may actually have to do some planning and get from behind that desk.
    3- The truth hurts and reading it makes them feel bad about themselves. Well, boohoo!

    I agree with Scot – keep doing what you’re doing!

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