I Have a SmartBoard, Now What?

I have been a SmartBoard user for four years now and I will be the first one to tell you how much it has transformed my classroom. My students are so “Smart” spoiled that when the power goes out at school, my students always mistakenly assume that a free day is in order. Of course, that’s NEVER the case, but I too am a bit disappointed when my smartboard is unavailable. (By the way…this rarely happens)

As my campus SMART specialist and district trainer, I am often asked by new teachers for ideas on where to get started. So, my first post will be just that…a collection of places and ideas on where to get started.





The Smart Exchange is powered by SMART and is the number one place, in my opinion, to find lessons, activities, templates and ideas for your smartboard. You do not have to have an account to download but you must create an account to share.


Teachers Love Smartboards was created by James Hollis, who if you read my twitter posting, is one of my “five to follow”. His site is actually an amazing resource for tutorials, albeit at a small fee, but nonetheless…still amazing. What makes Teachers Love Smartboards great is the plethora of FREE resources and tips that are shared constantly.


SmartBoard Revolution is basically a social network created for smartboard users. Here teachers can create profiles similar to other social networking sites and share info to the entire group or even specific individuals. Although, SMART encourages sharing via the SmartExchange, I have managed to find great tips and ideas here that were not on the exchange. Nonetheless, it’s still a great resource.


The Whiteboard Blog is exactly as the title reads…A blog all about interactive whiteboards. What I like about the whiteboard blog is that whether you are a promethean, mimeo, SMART or any other type of IWB user, you will find resources and tips here that can for the most part be used on any platform.


Of course, I could not leave off the #1 resource for all things smart — TWITTER! With a simple twitter search of just the word – smartboard – users will be literally overwhelmed with lessons, ideas, sites, activities and everything SMART related in real time. I actually have Tweetdeck downloaded on my computer with a column specifically created for smartboard. Try it and get hooked.

That’s all for now. If you have any other sites that I missed or that I can cover in future editions, please feel free to comment the blog.

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