I have an Ipad…Wait, What About My SMARTboard?

Around 5 years ago, we introduced the SMARTboard to our students. To no one’s surprise, it was an instant hit. Here we are again, at another crossroad and we are introducing yet another piece of technology…The IPAD.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been doing trial runs of a few apps that may be useful for my HS math class.

We’ve been slightly addicted to one, The Show Me App, which I wrote about here.

Other Apps that we like and why…

Yes, they are online stickies as I wrote about here, but with an Ipad AND a Smartboard, it serves so many other purposes. For example, I can record a lesson and post a pdf copy online. Students can watch the lesson on the IPAD and also download the pdf of the notes as an ebook.  In addition, I can post links that they can interact with and they can also post information to our class board which shows up on the smartboard after a quick refresh.

 I think that my students play words with friends more than any other game. Ironically, when I suggested a game of scrabble once, they all looked at me as if I invented some strange disease. What we love about words with friends is that through it students are being introduced to all sorts of new vocabulary that they would not have been introduced to otherwise. Even better…the stategic thinking that some of my students use to win is just phenomenal.

The WWF peeps over at facebook even posted this pretty cool idea for users to submit words that they’ve learned through the game and then this wordle was created as a result…LOVE IT

Symmetry shuffle is an awesome game for reinforcement, practice, strategizing…transformational geometry. Users must think about how objects were transformed and connect a puzzle using rotations, flips and slides. Follow this with a little “B-boy Transformations” on smartboard and your students will have a clearer understanding in no time. (more on this later)

We love Algebra Boot Camp because it’s more than just a glossary of terms or a formula app. It’s a collection of illustrated instructions for every algebraic concept that we cover. We like to think of it as our own little “algebra-quick-turn” e-book.

More Later

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