I Teach HS Math but I Want a SMART Table!

This past week I had the pleasure and joy of attending the CAMT math conference in Texas and volunteering at the SMART booth. For me, it was an opportunity to share what I know about how SMART has directly impacted my classroom, but being there also gave me the opportunity to interact with the SMART Table for hours.

The SMART Table is the first multitouch, multiuser interactive learning center that allows groups of early education students to work simultaneously on one surface. It is application based so teachers can easily create content for ANY grade and ANY subject. In other words, the table itself is only limited by the content created for it.

With that said, why is this wonderful piece of technology only created for early childhood students? While sitting in the booth, my mind was racing thinking of the number of ways that my Algebra and Geometry students could benefit from such a device that is created to promote cooperative learning and multi-sensory education. We could manipulate points & lines on a coordinate plane, graph and with the right math/science app we could also manipulate algebraic expressions. Don’t even get me started on the unlimited amount of material that could be created for Geometry.



Please consider my request and think about the millions of older, but young at heart, students who would greatly benefit from the use of a SMART Table. When you do, please also know that I will gladly submit myself as a beta tester…no really, I will =)

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