iMix, iWonder, iCreate: Digital Storytelling in Math

Yesterday, I presented my digital storytelling in math session for the second time and in doing so made some pretty hefty improvements. The gist of the session is to get teachers to place control of learning into the hands of kids. I have to say that I was super impressed with the openness and excitement of each teacher that attended. It was truly inspiring.

Digital storytelling isn’t new but for some reason we often negate its value in math. For my students, their ability to connect learning to ideas that held their interest was truly powerful. I cannot speak enough about what students were able to do when I stepped back and allowed them the room to share understanding beyond calculation.

When I initially developed this presentation, I did it with the ipad in mind. However, we are a district of multiple devices including chromebooks, macs, PCs, some android tablets and any device that students bring to school.

As with any technology integration, the focus should be on purpose and content. What should students be able to do? Why are they doing it? The technology is always secondary to that. With that said, we spent time talking about development and conceptualizing according to their math grade level or content area. I actually watered down applications and shared a few examples so that they could create within the session.

I even offered to help with the classroom development and implementation when they were ready. I’m hoping that they contact me as I am eager to support.

Below is my google presentation followed by a video that I created to accompany.

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