Intel Museum of Me: Create Your Facebook Social Visualization

Ignoring the obvious creepiness factor of the entire process, Intel’s Museum of Me is actually quite cool and absolutely beautiful.

What It Is

Museum of Me is basically a “slide show” video of the people you interact with the most or latest, the videos you have liked and pictures you have posted. It’s set to music that is kind of sci-fi movie-ish and maybe it’s the tech fan-girl in me…but I LOVE it.

What It Looks Like
For starters, there is no way to embed or download once the video is complete. However, with my Camtasia studio, I was able to download and of course upload to YouTube.

Here is my video

Clearly, as facebook is blocked in most schools, this is not something that I would use in my classroom as is. However, I can clearly see the idea of this replicated in some sort of class project where students create the museum style video themselves.

At any rate….Enjoy 🙂

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