Interactive Math Comics with Pixton and Thinglink

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 8.59.55 PM

With testing on the horizon, within days, we are doing a massively insane “summit” to address the needs of our students taking the Geometry EOC. Using feedback from our students, I’ve worked tirelessly to design their online learning platform so that we maximize their ability to learn what they need in a more individualized format.

With that said, I am ALWAYS open to try new cool tools to get ideas across in ways that our kids have not seen. Enter Pixton.

Pixton is a free social comic strip creation platform. It’s also in the Chrome app store, which I LOVE. Using Pixton, I took a word problem and created a 3 frame comic strip. Pixton allows so much customization that I can’t even begin to type it all in this posting. You just need to play with it!

Once I completed my image, I used photoshop to add the hexagon and side length. This could’ve easily been accomplished using ppt or keynote. You just need to be able to save the image. I then loaded the image into thinglink where I linked to a couple of photobabbles and a showme video that I created using my ipad.

I cannot wait until our students get to utilize it tomorrow and Monday. As a matter of fact, I cannot wait until our students get to create one of their own. It’s a pretty cool activity for kids to do!

Below is the completed comic.

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