IPAD: Geometry Pad – A Secondary Math App Worth Downloading

My frustration with mobile learning and mathematics has been 100% about the absence of quality applications. It just seems that every app that I’ve seen for secondary math has been either equation solving or vocabulary. Not that those apps are bad, I just wanted something a little more dynamic and interactive.

Today, my hope is restored and I cannot wait to use this app with my Geometry class. The app is simply called, Geometry Pad and it’s free…for now.

The Breakdown
You can think of Geometry Pad like Geometer’s Sketchpad or Geogebra in its most basic form except it’s on IPAD which means that my students can dynamically interact with mathematics without going to the computer lab.


1. It’s FREE…for now, Although I would gladly pay for it!
2. The feature request option takes your needs directly to the developer. I’ve already emailed them 4 times…requesting a slope calculation, auto alphabetic point labeling and a few other minor details.
3. Insert points, lines, shapes and touch the object to change the properties and calculate measurements.
4. Labels and measurements can either be shown or hidden.
5. Multiple projects can be worked on simultaneously on the same device because there is a save feature which will definitely come in handy for classroom use.
6. Students can place objects, show measurements, MOVE the objects and watch as the measurements dynamically change!

Keep in mind that this is a brand new application and future releases will include more features as evidenced by the response that I just received from the developer.

I’m pretty stoked right now and I encourage you to download the app.


Cover Art

Geometry Pad


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Updated: Apr 13, 2012



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