IPADs and Algebra: Building Multiple Representations


Today I started my Algebra kids on an activity that is both educational and enriching for Ipad use in the classroom. Working with multiple representations is extremely important and what makes this particular assignment even better is that students get to complete the finished project on the Ipad. Oh, and every app that we utilized was FREE.

1. I had students create a problem or modify a problem that we have done in class that would create a linear relationship.

2. After students created their problem, they were given a blank 4 part chart to create each represenation.

3. I briefly went over the applications that we would be using and what each one was capable of. Most students were already familiar with certain apps so this actually flowed smoothly.

  • Lino – This is where our final projects would be posted directly from the Ipad and onto our virtual wall online
  • Sundry Notes – Students were to type our their problem and equations using the math type symbols available if they chose to…Most students opted to write their equations out and take a picture using instagram
  • Free Spreadsheet – Students created t-charts as well as labled graphs
  • Free PhotoFrame –  This is a free customizable collage app. With that said, it had its problems, with the main one being that once you chose a photo layout, you were pretty much locked in. Other than that, it was pretty easy to use. However, my advice is that you spend the $.99 and purchase Frame Magic. It’s so much better.

4. Finally students used each app to create the verbal description, equation, graph and table…which they were required to piece together using a collage app.

5. The final step was that students were to upload their creations to our Lino wall which popped up on our SMARTboard as images were completed for our virtual gallery walk and discussion.

What it Accomplished:20120229-175102.jpg Besides being fun, it gave students another outlet to show what they have learned and use a cool piece of technology in order to do it. There were some powerful conversations going on about graphs, scales and whether they should create a scatter plot or  line graph.  There were also some questions about independent and dependent relationships which were not a part of this particular assignment but were certainly a part of the discussion.

The technology served as a portal to express the information. The mathematics and how to best express it was most certainly the key topic of the day.

Oh and of course I do have one group who has asked to record a description of every step of their problem using imovie on the Ipad.

Embedded Lino wall to come tomorrow 🙂 Stay tuned!

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