Join Me Friday to Talk Mobile Learning and Autonomy in Reluctant Learners at RSCON4

Friday at 1pm cst, I’ll be presenting an interactive online session via The Reform Symposium (#rscon4)

My session, “Leveraging Mobile Devices to Develop Autonomy in Reluctant Learners“, is a look inside how we can empower students to be responsible for their own learning through the use of mobile technology.

As a high school teacher, I learned early how mobile devices could encourage students to dig deeper beyond their prescribed content. Unfortunately, for most of my students, utilizing their devices often resulted in mandated confiscation and fees for retrieval. As a result, many learning opportunities were missed as students were denied the ability to understand how the devices in their pockets could in fact be utilized beyond texting and social networking.

This past year, as an athlete mentor, I worked alongside high school students and college athletes on re-invigorating their paths to learning by utilizing specific functions of their device.

This session will include their feedback and ideas on how they developed a greater interest in learning through access to information, collaboration and creativity.

Please join me and join the conversation.

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