Killer Videos with Animoto

One of my favorite things to do is creating video slideshows. Before Animoto, every video that I made was created with either moviemaker or video studio pro. I’ll be the first to admit, they were a little on the boring side. Then one day, after talking to a colleague…Animoto joined my life and my video making vocabulary.

Animoto allows the novice user to create interesting animated videos. What makes Animoto cool is that you load your content and Animoto does the rest. With that said…that’s not entirely true anymore because Animoto allows users to mix video with still images so you do need to do a lil bit of work if you choose to mix both but it’s still minimal. Watch the Animoto guys explain Animoto in 60 seconds.

This year I created an activity that required my students to produce an Animoto video explaining how to solve an equation. Below is my example video..

By the way, this assignment was created and posted on our Edmodo page where the kids then turned in their assignment. Below are a few of the best of those videos. Keep in mind that best does not always mean “correct”. I was asking kids to explain an algebraic concept in an unconventional way. What I got was equivalent to a classroom full of kids all going to the board to explain a concept and if you are a classroom teacher, you know how difficult that task can be sometimes. More importantly, I had 100% participation. Enjoy =)

One Last Thing…Educators Can apply for a FREE Animoto account for yourself and your students at AnimotoEDU

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