Learning with my PLN at DENsi2013


Right now I’m on a bus with my DEN friends headed to a museum and farm in Burlington, VT. It’s amazing to be sitting listening to the natural stories that people share. So many different experiences are evident through listening to people connect.

We are connecting and it’s beautiful.

Last night, we split into teams to discuss the upcoming week. Teams are established to allow for small group discussion and learning. I’ve never been as engulfed within a conversation than I was then. My team is amazing and is filled with learners who are just like me. Heck, this entire group is filled with people who are just like me!

I’ve learned so much already in one day. The DEN is more than teachers who share Discovery media. It’s a group of passionate educators from diverse backgrounds who each bring their own specialty to help the community grow.

There are no strangers, no titles…just educators willing to travel thousands of miles to learn.

I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else than right here at this moment!

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  1. I am so jealous of you right now. Keep posting your updates. I will be following you.

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