Lessons Learned from Beyond the Classroom

groupsThis year, as my career has drifted farther and farther away from the classroom, I’ve found myself feeling the “hunger pangs” of the classroom experience. I miss the excitement of teaching kids and that euphoric feeling witnessing their aha moments in math. There is no greater feeling than “your own kids” being successful and knowing that you had a hand in that. As a classroom teacher, I played that role with pride.

When I accepted this position as a high school math strategist/department chair/mentor, I had no real idea how difficult the path towards school leadership would be. It has not been easy, however I would not change my decision at all if given the chance. What I’ve found is that my love of having my own classroom has been replaced by my love of reaching kids on a grander scale…through their teachers!

Has life beyond the classroom been perfect? Absolutely NOT! I’ve had to learn some tough lessons which I welcome wholeheartedly. The one facet of my past that I will always hold dear is that I am a learner. I literally aim to learn as much as I can everyday and sometimes that learning comes from my mistakes.

Perhaps the best lesson that I’ve learned thus far is to pick and choose my battles, but choose! I have a bit of an issue with seeing something inneffective and just staying in my lane. I’ve really tried and it is NOT easy. I am very fortunate to have a principal that allows my need to question. Sometimes my questions are relevant  ​and sometimes they are just me being me…trying to control too much. Earlier in the year my principal reminded me that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that really resonated with me. I used to want immediate success and immediate action to my burning questions. I’m no longer that way.

The big pictures is that you must learn how to differentiate what is worth the immediate battle and what is worth the wait. ​Choose your battles…Fight the ones that matter NOW and as the opportunity arises, the others will see the light.

Go with what matters most…Student success!​

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