LiveBinders: The Tool Every Educator Should Know

A few years ago, I remember being in the final leg of my Master’s degree and putting together a binder that represented my years of study. I remember trying to package all of my multimedia projects onto a cd so that I could place that cd in my binder to be graded. In addition, considering that my Master’s degree was a two and a half year process, that binder was HUGE…thus HEAVY.

Fastforward to now and not only is there a viable option to package an education portfolio, but one that is technologically forward and dare I say…AWESOME.

LiveBinders touts itself as “your 3-ring binder for the Web” and that is more accurate than I could have worded myself.

Watch the video below and get a glimpse of what LiveBinders is all about.

Basically, you have a virtual binder that you can load with websites, videos, images, pdfs, office products…etc

Each item is saved into a tab or subtab as you determine either by adding the link directly at the livebinder site or by using the LiveBinder it button on your toolbar. Watch the following video to get a better idea about the LiveBinder It button.

Livebinders is simply a way to organize and share information and its uses in education are limitless. If you think it, you can livebinder it.

By the way, Livebinders can be embedded on webpages…Check out the binder that I created for a presentation at a teacher conference.

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