Lunch Reflection on Growth: My 4 Rules

Yesterday was pity party and reflect day over my failed Google Teacher Academy attempt.

This morning, I’m reflecting on perspective…and a few handy thoughts on Growth…

Rule #1 Be a Radical Learner

My cousin, Wykesha Hayes, posted this thought on Facebook today and I captured it. She said…

“I’ve reached many goals in life…and I have also failed at attempting many things as well. The one thing that I can confidently say however, is that my EGO is too big to quit trying. I want to try something radical…EXTREMELY RADICAL. When you want radical results, you attempt radical things.”

Not every person can be chosen and even if you are amazing, you still may not be. KNOW THAT and don’t be discouraged by it. Be motivated by it. What can you do to be a better you and to communicate your ideas in such a way that there is no denying your entry into a door. It’s not about the “tags behind the name” but about the potential to be the best YOU that you can possibly be.

Rule #2 Be exceptionally proud of YOURSELF and your accomplishments

This summer, I applied for so many things and I kept “winning”…kept being “chosen”. I was motivated by that. For example, I’m presenting at both Idesign Coppell and Ipadpalooza in the same week. I’m going to Discovery Ed Summer Institute in Tennessee followed by Calgary to the SMART Exemplary Educator Global Summit. Last week, while away to present three sessions at the Texas Google Summit, I received the alert that my Ignite proposal was accepted and I’m scheduled to present during the opening session. THAT was huge because my session proposals were denied. (They were last minute and bad. They most certainly should have been denied) That “ISTE NO” motivated me even more to have an “Ignite” Yes…and I did…

Rule #3 Be just as motivated by NO as you are by YES

“No” doesn’t mean failure. It just means “not right now” and “not in this way” but to me, it’s not an end. It’s a redirection to repurpose my thoughts into something different. What else can I focus on? Where can I be better? Start there. For me, that is in my current job. Ironically, we have Google Academy in my district the same week at GTA. I’ll be in Texas leading professional development with the rest of my team and helping teachers understand how to best integrate their google apps into their professional lives and classrooms. What else is better than that???

Rule #4 Be honest with yourself and expect honesty from others

This experience would not be an area of growth for me if I didn’t see my own weaknesses. It would also suck if those around me weren’t honest too. At the same token, just as much as I can be honest in my weaknesses, I also have to recognize my strengths and contributions. That part is just as critical.

I am not perfect. I am not “the best in the game” but I am the best me who also has an exceptional amount of space to be better.

Growth in all areas is warranted. You just need to be radically proactive in doing so.

In case you missed it…Please check this post out by Jose Vilson. It was perfect at the right moment.


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