Make It A Great Day Or Not…The Choice is Yours

That moment in Round Rock when I gave my first keynote.

That moment in Round Rock when I gave my first keynote.

If you follow Dwight Carter on twitter, you may have caught a particular phrase that he says with his morning tweets,

“…Make it a great day… or not. The choice is yours”

I can’t even read that statement without smiling profusely because it reminds me so much of the principal of my last school, as he used to say this too and like then…I find myself charged and energized with understanding that how I face my day is a choice. It can be great…or not.

So many wonderful things have happened in the last few weeks and I’ve yet to take a moment to recognize them. It all started with my acceptance into Google Teacher Academy. People, many of them close to me, have their own thoughts about “edtech academies” but this was important to me. While I am certainly proud to be a part of such an amazing cohort of educators…it seems as though I am caught in the middle of a “what others think of me” whirlwind. Honestly…it is a draining place to be.

The reality is that this process has made me realize my own weakness in wanting to be accepted and supported. Fortunately, this process has also shown me that those two “wants” are actually unnecessary because when it comes to goals, our own measures of success, the court of public opinion has no vote.

My goals are pretty simple…be the best Rafranz that I can possibly be and do so with the intention that everyday is a step towards being better than the day before. Sometimes I fail miserably at it and others I do quite well. Regardless…at the end of the day, my reflections always show me that all of my outcomes stemmed from choices…my own.

When I face my life…my job…through the lens of my own choices, it makes understanding the reality of the misalignment with the way that others think versus how I think…quite bearable.

We will all deal with some sort of negativity but it’s important to know that the repercussions of such do not have to become a part of our psyche. We can choose to believe in the things and thoughts that are against us or we can choose to find the path that leads to that place of …” in spite of”.

In spite of negativity…I will do what is asked, expected and needed of me. I will do so knowing that not everyone wants to see my success. Not everyone believes in me but I believe in me and that is more than enough.

We all have a choice. This is mine.

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