Make Your Gmail Sing with MoveNote

If you haven’t heard of Movenote yet, please stop reading and go check it out. As a matter of fact, download the app and use it on pretty much any device that you happen to be using. It’s a great tool for doing simple task like visually communicating an idea or even telling an amazing digital story because with movenote, you become a part of the story which means that your personality gets to shine through in lieu of text only.

In schools, we use movenote with our kids utilizing chromebooks. They have the power to record and share video using items created and stored via their google drive. I was with a class last week as kids developed “pitch videos” for items that they invented. Movenote allowed them to present their product ideas beyond the typical google slide show or haiku deck alone. Once completed, links could easily be pasted into their edmodo assignment to turn in. A few weeks ago, I worked with a few social studies teachers as they were using movenote to create 3 minute clips for their students while also brainstorming ways for students to create with movenote as well. Users can also upload pre-edited video and include visual artifacts to accompany. Clearly, this is one tool that both teachers and students enjoy using.

Note: Yes, it’s pretty much talking over still images, but let’s consider another way of using it. Think of principals using movenote to flip the topics that are often read aloud during staff meetings. Use movenote to “hear yourself” before presenting a major idea/lesson. If you’re bored with yourself, you can change it before boring others. For students, this is a great way for them to learn how NOT to present. Use movenote to teach them NOT to read every word on a slide but tell a story.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge movenote fan but when I received an alert that they created an extension for gmail I was excited yet cautious about singing its praises without first using it. So I took the time to get to know the Movenote Gmail extension and below is my review.

MovenoteEmailAppMovenote for Gmail

I have to admit that I may or may not have actually sang a brief song to a few email recipients since downloading the new Movenote Gmail extension via chrome. With a button directly in gmail, it’s a simple as a click to eliminate the mixed messages that emails can sometimes cause. I can record a video of what I need to say while also incorporating images and docs as needed.

With that said, there is a HUGE difference when using the movenote button directly in gmail. From a PC or Mac, I can only use files that are saved on my hard drive. I do not have an “add from drive” option which is strange. However, if I use the actual “movenote extension button” in my toolbar, I am taken to the movenote site to record and as long as I record from the site, I can use images and docs from Drive. Chromebook users always have the upload from drive option regardless.

Now, the video that you create is NOT embedded into the gmail. You are instead pasting a link which I’m okay with because different devices treat embeds differently. The button adds convenience.

I actually used Movenote for Gmail to invite writers to contribute vignettes to my book which enabled me to beg much more effectively than writing alone.

Like any other tools, Movenote for Gmail has its place and I don’t use it in every email but when I really need to get a point across, it’s there and that’s a good thing.


1. Connect with Movenote using your Google account and create and send video to pre-created groups using the gmail button.

2. When students are working on movenotes together, use the pause feature to change speakers while recording.

3. Add a link of sources or more information by clicking the gear when videos are complete. The link appears at the end of the published product.

4. Use that same gear to change the background to give your movenote a different feel. (Love the Valentine Hearts!)

5. Still not sure how to get started? Take a tour of Movenote’s Help page

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