Making Classroom Walls Talk with Aurasma

Aura I simply LOVE walking in to classrooms with images of students plastered all over the walls! What if those images could talk? With Aurasma, they can! NO QR codes…just a fantastical app that blends interactive content called  overlays with  real world images.

Here is what you DO!

1. Take a picture of the student.
2. From the same pose, or as close to it as possible, record a small snippet of that student telling you something cool about themselves.
3. PRINT the picture for hanging on your wall!
4. Upload the video as a new overlay into Aurasma.
5. Scan the pic and overlay it with the video!

Your walls will literally TALK! Cool stuff huh?

Tap to view my Aura and hear what Martha thinks about me leaving GPHS! My public channel is named rafranz11.

Here is a great article about Aurasma and some specifics on HOW to view Auras in class

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