Math Active: Resource for Flipping in Math WITHOUT Video

arcsWho says the flipped model has to be a video? While searching for student resources for our geometry units, I came across Arizona State’s site of math interactives.

What I love about ASU’s MathActive site is that each one follows an “I do”, “We do”, “You do” model. In addition, each lesson comes equipped with a lesson plan.

Unfortunately, since each lesson is recorded in flash, they cannot be viewed via ipad.

Suggestions for use:

1. Students can be assigned to go through the interactive, which will be basic exposure to a concept, then come back with questions.

2. Teachers can use the more interactive portions for engagement pieces or for continued development in station activities.

3. Tasked with developing a lesson and unsure of where to start…Use Math Actives as an “idea” source for learning development.

SMART tie-in

Each lesson is a swf object, which means that you CAN embed into your SMART Notebook files so that you can still view the lesson without going online. This will be a handy trick for students who do not have internet access but can have access to a SMART Notebook loaded computer. In my school, this is necessary at times!

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