Mid-Week #DENsi2014 Reflection: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

denWhen I decided that I wanted to attend the Discovery Ed Summer Institute again, my goal was to do something that I did not do that well last year…PARTICIPATE. I made sure to hang out more, talk more and play more. I’ve done that and I’m pretty proud. Yesterday was the DENmazing Race and while I’m on a path of “participation”, I was honestly not that convinced to do something that could very well result in my death. (Yes, I said “death” because I’m totally being a 2 year old)

The DENmazing race is an activity that sends teams on a journey of activities where games are structured and played kind of like an obstacle course. These activities are spread across the entire campus and people are crazy competitive to win. To say that this particular activity is intense…is putting it mildly. There is running…lots and lots of running…and falling…and sometimes even yelling! (Sorry Joli!)

As insane as it sounds, I am all about “Getting uncomfortable” so when the opportunity presented itself to join a team…I did. I would not have done it had it not been for Joli Barker or Kate Nagle as both promised me that they would not let me die. (Again, 2 year old)

The activities themselves were not that bad. They were fun actually. There was singing, acting, shooting, balloon tossing and even dancing. OK, I was NOT a fan of the silly dancing. Everyone has their “thing” that gives them great fear. This was mine!  Plus, I was so…so…so…tired! (So much running…really???) Oh, and I did NOT have my inhaler which I needed…bad!

With that said, I allowed myself to participate and be uncomfortable and along the way, I accomplished a few things that I’m pretty proud of because for me…they were not easy.

1. I jump roped and not the “prissy” kind but the kind that I used to do as a kid.

2. I drank after someone. I am a germi-phobe and it was either drink or die. That was a HUGE accomplishment. (To be clear, I will not be doing this again)

3. I kind of danced to a really silly song and survived looking stupid. (I need to do this more)

There are many things in life that make me pretty uncomfortable and that’s not a bad thing. Yesterday was important because it was my first time tackling something that is really and truly my worst nightmare come true. I needed to do that because by doing it, I can now add a 4th item to my list of accomplishments!

4. I survived my first DEN-mazing race!!!


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