Moments that Matter: Knowing Your Purpose

SmartResponseXEI remember the moment as if it were yesterday. Our SMARTboards had just arrived on campus and I was so excited that I ran to the library to see them! After leaving, I ran into a district representative and sparked a conversation. I told her all about the classroom that I left behind and how my students were engaged because math was exciting. I shared with her about our ipad implementation and how I started with one ipad which eventually progressed to our use of almost all of our school ipads. The more that I talked…the more excited I became.

What I experienced in those moments can perhaps best be compared to the feeling of tasting mom’s best cake for the first time. My heart literally exploded with every thought.

I have been a “math geek” for as long as I can remember. I chose to become a math educator because of my experience with working with struggling students, even as far back as 6th grade when I tutored Seniors. I LOVED the adrenaline rush of solving some complex equation. Heck, I did it for fun! As I grew in my field, I developed a love of technology integration. I watched as students, some who despised everything about math, spark interest in being able to utilize simulations, dynamic geometry software and ipads in class.

I believe that mathematics is within reach for all students and technology enables us to use tools that were not accessible when we were students. With that said, my passion is not centered around math only…but centered around technology integrated within the curriculum.

I have no idea what happens moving forward, but since I am well aware of what feeds my interest, I am definitely working towards that. I LOVE every aspect of my job as a math strategist. I love, even more, the fact that this district has enabled me to further realize my true purpose…helping to feed kids’ love of learning through the integration of technological tools.

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