Moments that Matter: Passion Speaks Volumes

20121114-151840.jpgIf you follow my tweets, you’ve often seen me post the phrase…”Passion is contagious, share it!”.

Passion is the moving force that drives us from being just “ok” to extraordinary. It’s what connects our hearts to our actions. When our actions are being led from the heart…any being within a radius, either face to face or digital FEELS it.

A year ago, I rode with a colleague to a conference where we were both presenting. At the time, he was a classroom teacher. He has since gone on to follow his passion, working with an educational technology company connecting classrooms with each other and the world. By the time that I got home, two thoughts hit me…

1. I have goals and dreams beyond the classroom. I really wanted to be more of a “change agent” , outside of my classroom ,and help more kids garner a deeper understanding of math by working with teachers to improve instruction.

2. Why can’t I?

It was literally at that moment that I decided to pursue extending my career beyond my classroom and live out my passion.

A year later…130 miles/day…here I am. I’m working within my vision and in doing so, I get to influence teachers through passion…passion-based leading. It has been the most incredible experience…one that was unimaginable prior to that car ride to a conference.

It all started with a moment!

Passion is contagious! Share It!

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