My IPad Just Made History Even Cooler

Every now and then I like to comb the new and noteworthy section of the APP store in hopes to discover a new app that really holds my attention. Today I downloaded the McGraw-Hill American History Timeline APP and was pleasantly surprised to find that it is actually pretty darn cool. As a matter of fact, if this were a math app with the same level of interactiveness…I just might be in APP heaven…

AND…It’s FREE!!!!

It’s extremely intuitive and interactive and even includes games that will certainly capture students attention.


I think that my favorite feature is the key that allows users to either “show” or “hide” pre-selected topics in history.

Just touch the topic that you choose to either “hide” or show” and what you are left with is a customized timeline that only includes the information of your choosing.

With that said, what would make this app better is if it included a feature that would allow students the ability to enter information themselves….with multimedia content as well.

The projects that they could create  could potentially be incredible.

For more information on the American History Timeline App and more apps from Mcgraw Hill education, please click here.


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