Nap More to Think More

Carl Hooker enjoying a little 3 second #napchat at #txgoo

Carl Hooker enjoying a little 3 second #napchat at #txgoo

After experiencing a big event such as DENSI (Discovery Education Summer Institute), one would think that the immediate reaction would be to blog everything, organize all notes and start piecing together PD to share at school. That was not my journey. Instead, I napped…a lot!

This morning I’m feeling something that I haven’t felt in a long time…Clarity.

In lieu of pouring myself into work, as I normally do, I took a bit of Dean Shareski advice and napped! #napchat

On my first day back, I learned that rest is important. We learn & share to take care of our professional selves. I do this often because I love it. In the past, this is how I spent most of my day. I will admit that I probably did not get enough sleep. I couldn’t sleep actually because in my mind, I had to “get everything out” because I LOVE doing it.

I also love ME enough to take care of myself so that I can do those things more. I find that the more rest  I get, the higher quality of work that I produce. There is definitely a positive correlation between the two…Rest & Quality of Work

As a matter of fact, let me quantify it for you with my Ti Nspire App using (List & Spreadsheet) and (Data & Statistics).

What happens when you nap! (In my mind at least)

What happens when you nap! (In my mind at least)

Instead of knocking out 5 postings, working on my school blog or curating my DENSI stuff, I spent the day enjoying family that I rarely see and going in and out of sleep…until I gave in and finally slept. What I found is that the same work that was there prior to resting is still there. I can also process it much better, which feels good…no writer’s block!

I feel focused and refreshed. More importantly, the ideas that I have now are insanely larger than before. I can think and I love it.

As I consider how I will spend my next school year, I know that I must include time for family, exercise, eating right, fun and napping. Balance is crucial.

The lesson here is this…

Being fabulous means understanding that the body needs what it needs and that includes rest. More rest breeds higher level thinking and higher quality of work. 


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