New School Year First Post

If you’ve visited this blog in the past few months, you probably noticed that I haven’t updated since this summer. I’ve been in a bit of a re-building phase. Let me explain…

In the past, my blog was solely written from the perspective of my classroom. I created lessons or implemented ideas and shared. However, this year I left the classroom…and school….and district to pursue a different, yet more fulfilling path. I am now a math instructional leader in a larger school district. I work with teachers during their PLC and I also look at student data and make intentional decisions meant to impact student success. In a nutshell, I get to take the strategies that worked in my classroom, along with some newer strategies that work better and help our teachers implement them in theirs.

One of the key components to the success of my classroom was the inclusion of technology. The challenge at my new school is that technology was pretty non-existent. Teachers have computers that are not connected to projectors which are connected to an elmo in the center of the room. In essence, we have overhead projectors with plastic film and vis-a-vis markers!

When I walked in the building in August, I started looking around at several options. Should we do student devices? Should we get an interactive whiteboard? Should we just connect projectors to computers and run power points? After looking at our data, students, teachers and lack of interactivity…I opted for SMARTboards and slates with mounted projectors…connected to computers, of course. I knew that with my expertise and one on one daily involvement, I can help to make a difference with our teachers for our students.

As of today, our purchase has finally been approved and we are about to begin a gradual progression process of getting our teachers trained. With that said, I cannot wait to share this process with all of you. It has been a long time coming and I am so proud and excited to bring SMART to my new school and district!



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