Notes from Khalil: The First Weeks of School

I love spending time talking to my son about his day. I will also say that my life as a technologist is fueled by his opinions on how kids should use technology for learning as well as when they should not. While talking, I handed him my laptop to write his thoughts. Below is his reflection

I don’t like the first weeks of school because all the work is too easy. You’re always learning stuff that you already learned from sixth grade and up like lab safety. It doesn’t change but teachers act like it does. It’s terrible to be able to sleep through an entire lesson and then wake up to make a 100 on the assignment.

I’m taking Geometry this year and right now we are learning about points, lines and planes. It’s funny because we spend the whole class naming points. It’s not hard but there are always multiple students who don’t get basic stuff. It’s planes though!! The question said, “What points are on this plane?” The points are right there and people still ask what it means. Maybe I’m just highly intellectual. I’m probably wrong but it is frustrating.

I have a project this week to name shapes using power point. I’m probably not going to do a power point because it sounds basic. I’ll do a video instead and somehow I’ll make it more interesting.

In history, I’ve been taking notes all class period. We have to take Cornell notes and we get a grade from them. I’m not even in AVID but I have to do it. I just realized that I’m going to have to study my notes because we’re probably going to have a quiz. A good teacher would do that I think.

In English, we’ve been reading and writing essays. We’re reading a book called The Monkey’s Paw. I actually read the whole thing because I love reading and putting my emotions into the story.

One more thing, I wanted to be in theater but they put me in sports marketing. Hopefully I can change this because I really do like to act and perform in front of people.

It fuels my heart to bring joy to others from the stage.


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  1. Khalil, I am sorry I was not able to have you this year. I am glad you like The Monkey’s Paw. It is one of my favorites. Let me know if I can help you this year. The sooner the better on that schedule change!

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      Thank you from both of us! He is now texting his work to everyone in his phone. Maybe he’ll start his own blog one day!

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