Owning Your Story: Personal Re-Branding (plus Haiku Deck tips)

The following deck is a part of a series of sessions that I’m working on highlighting personal branding for students and teachers.

I created it using the Haiku Deck web version which I love because of the internal photo search and simple structure.

I added comments and details on each slide which can be seen by going directly to site HERE.

Tips: I used internal images from Haiku Deck as well as my own instagram uploads. As you create your own haiku decks, play around with themes, title placement and turning the “text place holder” on or off. Generally, if the text can stand out alone, I leave the text place holder off. If my background is too light, I leave the gray strip on.

You can even add interactivity by creating custom slides including QR codes and even turning AR slides into triggers containing video and or other information.

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