Is Google Just Smart Or What?

Apparently I have been living under a mighty large rock because unlike the rest of tech world, I’ve never heard of Google Demo Slam until today. I have to admit…It’s pretty darn genius. By genius, I’m completely talking about the fact that they have literally gone to their users to have them create short video “advertisements” of google apps. I LOVE IT. Honestly, If  I had a creative bone in my body…I soooo would make one too!

I Have a SmartBoard, Now What?

I have been a SmartBoard user for four years now and I will be the first one to tell you how much it has transformed my classroom. My students are so “Smart” spoiled that when the power goes out at school, my students always mistakenly assume that a free day is in order. Of course, that’s NEVER the case, but I too am a bit disappointed when my smartboard is unavailable. (By the way…this rarely happens) As my campus SMART specialist and district trainer, I am often asked by new teachers for ideas on where to get started. So, my …

Twitter + Education: So Who’s in Your PLN

If you are reading this and have no idea what a PLN is, boy are you missing out! PLN stands for personal learning network…in other words…your personal learning inner circle. Before the digital age took over, teachers were limited to learning from other teachers in their building or through conferences if they were lucky. Fast-forward to NOW! I can sit in the comfort of my classroom, bedroom, kitchen, grocery story, car (not while driving)…etc…and learn not only great tips and tricks but also educational news. I can engage in educational dialogue with like minded individuals who live and breathe the …


LiveBinders: The Tool Every Educator Should Know

A few years ago, I remember being in the final leg of my Master’s degree and putting together a binder that represented my years of study. I remember trying to package all of my multimedia projects onto a cd so that I could place that cd in my binder to be graded. In addition, considering that my Master’s degree was a two and a half year process, that binder was HUGE…thus HEAVY. Fastforward to now and not only is there a viable option to package an education portfolio, but one that is technologically forward and dare I say…AWESOME.

Killer Videos with Animoto

One of my favorite things to do is creating video slideshows. Before Animoto, every video that I made was created with either moviemaker or video studio pro. I’ll be the first to admit, they were a little on the boring side. Then one day, after talking to a colleague…Animoto joined my life and my video making vocabulary. Animoto allows the novice user to create interesting animated videos. What makes Animoto cool is that you load your content and Animoto does the rest. With that said…that’s not entirely true anymore because Animoto allows users to mix video with still images so …