Planning the Tech PD: Multi Post Series

A common misconception that seems to repeat itself amongst the digital community is that teachers are hesitant to use technology. Several have even excused this misconception by validating it as truth in response to the multitudes of campus/district requirements.

While I cannot speak to the experiences of teachers holistically, I can speak to the teachers that I have encountered throughout my career. What I’ve learned, especially in the last few months, is that maybe the “perceived hesitance” is not the case at all but a cry out for learning opportunities that are more conducive to the individual teacher. In other words, maybe we need to take a harder look at what we offer teachers in terms of professional development as well as how we intentionally provide sustainable support.

The subject of the next six postings will be a combination of findings and actions concerning designing and planning with the intention of supporting teachers.

1. Why Aren’t Teachers Attending Training?

2. Planning with the Teacher in Mind (Teacher Differentiation)

3. Supporting Teachers During PLC

4. Co-Teaching, Modeling and Technology Integration

5.  Meeting to Re-Evaluate

6. Moving Forward

I most certainly do welcome your thoughts and ideas.


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