Positively Ignoring the Negative

lucyIn my classroom, it was easy to avoid the “negative clutter” because the only thing that mattered to me were my students. It didn’t matter how many policies that I didn’t agree with or how the teacher down the hall irritated me to no end. My focus has always been on what brought me to education…kids.

I’ll be brutally honest in saying that my greatest flaw is that sometimes ignoring the “negative clutter” is harder than it should be. I struggle.

I even found myself reflecting on it the other day as I allowed my own annoyance of others to get the best of me.

We can’t choose how others treat us but we can choose how we react. There are moments that warrant a second look at a conversation and there are moments that scream…MOVE ON!

It’s up to us to know the difference.

“The negative” can come in all forms. It can be thoughts communicated by others around you. It can be a teacher declaring that students are incapable. It can can be those emails that often circulate in school or even a blog post that rubs you the wrong way. “The negative” is anything that deters your thoughts into a non-positive space.

The best thing that we can do as the footballs of life aim to bring us down is to dust off, smile, move on and kick again. At the end of the day, your own actions can make or break who you are much more than the dust storms that aim to cloud your journey.




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