Pre-Reflecting on Educon

I knew that I would one day visit SLA long before I knew what Educon was about. I sat in my office last year watching the Whitehouse Google Hangout in awe of those students and their passion for learning. SLA, for me, represented something that I have I’ve never witnessed… idea that an entire school could be truly transformational regardless of race, gender or economic background.

I remember watching and thinking….

1. I want to go to there.
2. I wanted my son to go there.
3. We need schools like this in TX

I grabbed my principal and made him watch with me, I tweeted and connected with Diana Laufenberg who shared links to the projects that students published. Again, I grabbed my principal and made him look. I called my mother and made her watch!

It’s normal for me to be this excited about cool technology but this was different. I was inspired and motivated by the opportunities to experiences and passion for learning that those students had. It was and is breathtakingly beautiful.

When I heard about Educon and all that it entails, I was equally excited to partake in such meaningful conversation. I was excited to connect with so many more forward thinking educators that I’ve come to know through their writing.

I have to admit that the reason that I proudly funded my own trip, heading through apparently 15 inches of snow…is because of the SLA experience.

The actual Educon sessions are simply a nice bonus.

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  1. Rafranz

    I went last year and it was an awesome experience. I’m sad I am missing this year, but I’m excited to be headed to NCSSM for their conference. The highlight of the amazing weekend was a small interaction with a student volunteer. On Sunday morning, I was getting coffee and a bagel and a student came up and asked me how my weekend was going. He then asked what I was most excited about for the upcoming day. I mentioned that I was looking forward to seeing his principal, Chris Lehman, speak. The kid shook his head and said “I love listening to that guy. I can’t get enough of him” How many times will a student say that about his principal?

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