Real World Tech: Camtasia to SMART

I believe that it was Oprah who once said that she didn’t believe in luck. There are no chance meetings. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. For the past few months, I have had multiple opportunities to share the technology tools and methodologies with companies that were interested in increasing their productivity through adding interactivity to their trainings. As we all know in the education realm, interactivity if used correctly, equals increased productivity from our students.

From SMART technology integrated within an interactive sports complex to using Camtasia Studio to create interactive training screencast, the age old question of when will I ever use this never seems to waver.

Just to give a glimpse, I met with an individual Saturday who with his skill set and product has the opportunity to build on an idea that will truly revolutionize his industry. He’s a corporate engineer and trainer but was limiting himself and his training, in my opinion and his, utilizing ppt and relying on his trainees to take notes…LOTS OF THEM.

In ten minutes, I demoed two pieces of technology that had him dialing up his local dealer (out of state) this morning to secure product.

I happen to have my open SMART wireless slate and using that as well as video from SMART’s very own website, I showed him how he could integrate 3d tools, custom of course, to better train on exactly how his specific job sites work. What he loved about the wireless slate was that he could be mobile yet still interactive. In addition, he immediately also saw the benefit and need to using his corporate training fund to invest in SMARTboards for their facility.

The second piece of technology that I showed him was Camtasia Studio. I still use my licenses from years ago…haven’t upgraded yet. However, even in its previous version, Camtasia is wonderful for creating online lessons via screencasting. What he and I both loved was having the ability to throw in quiz questions, along with “need more help” prescriptions via the flash tools within the software. I directed him to Techsmith’s website where he downloaded the trial. This morning he purchased the software and is storyboarding his ideas.

With that said, I began my demo with him by informing him that I do not work for either company. I do not get paid a dime and that I share because I truly LOVE what I do and the companies that make my job easy.

It was simply a favor for a friend and a testament to being prepared at the right moment.


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