Real World Web2.0: Yep Kids You Can Totally Use This Outside of School

A little unknown fact about me is that teaching High School math is not the only hat that I wear. I am actually a freelance wordpress developer, brand manager, marketing consultant and social media expert at night.

I like to think of it as my “bat man” cape.

I literally get to teach with several web 2.0 tools by day and then use those same tools to help with brand development by night.

One of my clients right now is a former NBA player turned actor/host/ Vegan expert, John Salley.  Our latest venture for his site was to ceate a video blog series. Using Animoto, Windows Live Movie Maker and a flip cam,  I was able to produce the first two videos in the series.


Steps for Creating Cool Intros for your Videos

  1. Create an account at
  2. Upload pictures , images and video that are directly related to the content that you wish to create a video for.
  3. Keep it short…Remember, you are creating a brief intro!
  4. Choose music from within the Animoto environment. No copyright infringement!
  5. After the video is complete, download and edit along with your flip video, or camera video.
  6. After editing, upload to your favorite video hosting site and you are done!

It’s simple, fast and a great illustration of using a tool at school and also within the “real world”.

Watch the first video of the series below.



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