Reflecting On Validation: It’s Not About Me, But Then Again…It Is

Today for a brief second, I allowed myself to succumb to a few realities of my world…ones that would not have been so obvious had it not been for a few key events that occurred this year. For a moment, I allowed myself to feel pain, disgust and neglect. For a moment, I enveloped myself within my own private pity party. Then I sat down and read two very real postings by two brilliant women that I admire greatly.

1. We are Society, by Sabrina Stevens

2. Why Educators Need to Step Up and Address Racial Injustice by Melinda Anderson

I know this world. I know it well and when you know what you know, you get up and move forward regardless of people issues. Heck, you do it in spite of those issues. I recall a conversation with one of my former students in which she talked about feeling de-valued. She sat in her classes asking questions and providing feedback only to be ignored and denied the right to speak up.  She spoke about feeling like her thoughts were not valid until they were validated by someone else. It was as if she was to be silent which is exactly what she did.

She stopped talking. She stopped offering feedback. She stopped allowing her genius to shine which is odd because in her job as a student, her genius should have been shining all day.

We do this work for her…for kids like her so that their world is not this. Their world is not ours.

It’s not about me…but then again, it is.





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