Respect the Journey

We are a society of instant. We set goals but in actuality we want those goals to occur much swifter than we allow.

In education, there’s a mad dash for raising scores. We pull kids from music and PE to throw facts and figures into their heads hoping that it sticks at least until the test. As much as we know about project based or task driven learning, we’d rather “flip it” or direct teach in lieu of allowing kids to grow from their own experiences. Heck even on social media, we tell teachers to sign up for twitter because it’s “life-changing”. They sign up and then discover that those networks do not build themselves overnight. Over time, being connected is a game changer… but it’s not instant.

Every year around this time people create resolutions. Heck, in the past so have I. Most of them fail because we make them about the “intended outcome” and when that outcome doesn’t happen as fast as we would like, that resolution becomes yet another statistic.

What I’ve learned in the last year is that the journey to the destination is much more poignant than the destination itself. Compare it to a couple just beginning their journey of building a relationship. No one in their right mind jumps directly to the point of marriage. You have to have a relationship first…a friendship. Relationships take time. People forget that.

On a personal note, I know that I need to live a healthier lifestyle but making it about the pounds lost or the caloric intake, for me, was a recipe for failure. Making my journey about rebuilding myself from within has been a thoroughly poetic experience.

I want to enjoy nature around me. I may even learn a bit of science along the way. I want to understand the pain in my body as I move muscles that have been stagnant. I want to enjoy the sound of the music playing in my ears and the peace that I feel within as my physical self is engaged.

I want to experience the entire journey because through the journey, as we recognize the bumps, bruises, highs and lows…we grow even more. We have to be more cognizant of the paths towards our goals and less settled on the goals themselves. That is what respecting the journey is inherently about. Success for me is if I engaged myself at a much deeper level than before. It’s not about a specific success or failure, it really is about sustainable growth.

After all, what’s worth attaining is worth the time, patience and effort in receiving it.

Time + Patience + Effort = Journey

Respect it.


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