Rethinking the SMART Lesson Structure with Extreme Collaboration

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 7.57.47 PMToday,  the question was posed to me, “How can I create a lesson like those on the SMART Exchange?”

After going through several techniques and modeling with a lesson that I created, it dawned on me to wonder why we have determined that the SMART Exchange “way of designing” is the right way?

A lesson on the SMART Exchange, or SMEX, may have certain components…

1. Title page
2. Lesson pages, notes, key learning…etc
3. Activities (with embedded assessments…maybe)
4. Closure

The best parts of today were the interactions with SMART Extreme Collaboration, or XC. Using Extreme Collaboration, an add-on in the SMART Exchange, learners can interact with instruction through submitting text messages that then appear on the board. Those messages then become points of conversation or guides to the days learning. In addition, features are to come that will allow users to submit images which add greater depth of conversation.

So, revisiting the question that was posed to me…

Why do we need to create a mold of a  “lesson” and ask kids to fit into it?

I want to be in the classroom that asks me what I know about an idea, groups our collective thoughts into “topical bundles”, then challenges me to dig deeper into learning based on what we can contribute and collaborate on as a whole….EVEN in math!

So, in thinking that way here is what this lesson looks like on SMEX…

Blank…waiting to be filled by the knowledge of the learners…and transformed into what THEY need.

Of course, doing this takes one heck of a ROCKSTAR teacher…One who is willing to go where the students lead and risk failure in the process.

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