Roadblocks, Whispers and Staying Focused

A few weeks ago, amidst the “country music song” of my life, I traveled to hear my friend Kristy Vincent give her first keynote at a TCEA area conference. It would have been easy to succumb to the roadblocks and stay home but going to support my friend was something that I could not miss. I left that event feeling lifted, inspired and emotional for reasons that I can’t even explain other than the whispers in my ear reminding me that all will be okay.

A roadblock is a barrier and barriers are meant to crumble…

Last week, I was supposed to travel to Georgia to present at #GAetc. Unfortunately, I got sick and could not fly which is why I made sure that I attended Edcamp Austin. I was dealing with a different “roadblock” this time. Professionally, it’s been more difficult for me than I expected to make the transition from a school setting to a district setting as I thrive better in a school environment. I was beginning to feel like I wasn’t doing “enough” and I needed some ideas and inspiration.

When I say that God speaks to me in whispers, I mean it. However, on that day it felt more like a continuous scream of…”Are you kidding me???”

I ran into several teachers that I’ve been connected to on twitter and I was extremely excited to hear them speak about implementing ideas that I tweeted or blogged in their classrooms. Many asked about Braeden and his worksheets, often following that with…”I changed the way that I did things because of that”. I’m not a person that needs nor thrives on self-validation but I will say that as I was in the middle of a “low” moment…those conversations were uplifting. The day continued with a few conversations with others in my job role and hearing that we are experiencing much of the same. I left Austin fulfilled …knowing that I was not alone and that what I was doing was okay.


Today, I woke up to another “country music song” life moment…to say it mildly. After dealing, like I always do, I headed to work and sat in a meeting fighting back tears.  The roadblocks were back in full force and every creative thought that I normally had was silenced. My mind, heart and spirit had drawn a blank. Somehow, amidst all of the great things that have occurred, I managed to allow this “one big thing” to deter me in a major way.

I know better…period.

My mom would say that I gave negativity an “in” straight to my head by allowing myself to be shrouded in self-doubt which punched the ticket for misery to show. When I stopped tonight and just listened through silence, the errors of my ways turned into gratifying realizations of what is still yet to come.

My mind is no longer blank. Echoes of whispers ring as plain as day…

“Focus Rafranz Focus”


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